Learn More About Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus

Sikkens HLS Plus

Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus – A Primer, A One-pot Wood Finish System and A DIY Favourite! It’s that time of the year when many of us are looking at our home exteriors and wondering what DIY jobs will quickly and easily spruce up our home surroundings. It’s no surprise then, that this time of the…

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Popular Online! Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield®

EPOXYSHIELD® Garage Floor Coating - product image

Right now Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield® is proving a very popular product choice among our online shoppers. Learn more about this easy-to-apply, water-based epoxy garage floor coating: What you need to know about Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield® Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield® is an epoxy garage floor coating with ultimate adhesion and durability. Plus, this fast-selling garage floor coating features: 2-part water…

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Powder Application Innovation – 3-D Laser Product Recognition Systems

Gema powder coating promo image

Carbon Paint Centre Leads The Way in Powder Application Technology – Fully Integrated 3-D Laser Product Recognition Systems Available At Carbon Group, we’ve always been proud of our commitment to bring customers the most advanced powder application equipment. In fact, our pledge to offer the latest powder application systems means Gema’s state-of-the-art powder application equipment…

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Launch of Latest Gema Manual Units

OptiPlex product images

Carbon Paint Centre Launches Latest Gema Manual Unit Here at Carbon Paint Centre, we’re delighted to announce the arrival of a new generation of OptiFlex Pro manual units. This new range has become an industry talking point due to the units’ superior application performance – the result of outstanding ‘PowerBoost’ technology. As the island of…

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New Product: Tec7 ‘X-Tack’

Tex7 x-tack, available at Carbon Paint Centre

NEW IN!! Tec7 ‘X-Tack’: Seven great features in one great product! The quickest assembly adhesive of all the MS polymers – offering super strong, structural adhesive power! FEATURES: Does not sag up to a 40mm thick joint Remains elastic Odourless and solvent-free, so that it can be used in closed spaces Has a 100% waterproof…

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Case Study: Bonderite M-PP – Learn More About Auto-deposition

M-PP Bonderite by Henkel

Case Study: Bonderite M-PP- Outstanding Coating Performance Here at Carbon Paint Centre, we’re always delighted to bring our customers relevant industry information that will help them make informed choices about the products they use. Read on to find out more about BONDERITE M-PP… The Auto-deposition Process (Bonderite M-PP Series): The BONDERITE M-PP auto-deposition process delivers…

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Learn More About Sikkens Exterior Wood Finishes

Case Study: Sikkens Wood Coatings and Accoya – A Superb Combination! Here at Carbon Paint Centre, we’re always delighted to bring our customers relevant industry information that will help them make informed choices about the products they use. That’s why, today, we’re sharing the Sikkens video below – we’d like to help you learn more…

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Learn More About Tarmacoat

Rust-Oleum’s Multi-purpose Solution! Our very fast-drying, multi-purpose single pack floor paint for exterior use. Rain-proof and re-coatable after just one hour! Can be applied on slightly damp surfaces; excellent resistance to U.V. and weathering. Water-based formulation, safe to use and virtually no odour Single pack, no mixing required The product will cure sufficiently in approximately…

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‘HOW TO’ – Alkythane (Rust-Oleum)

Watch Our Video – Get the How-to!! Learn More About Alkythane (Rust-Oleum) Easy application; corrosion protection – ‘know-how’ to protect! For more information, call: +353 1 902 3555

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